Unborn ∞



        -What is not born cannot die-

Genevieve Godiva biobot 01 is the achievement of an experiment led by rock star scientist and spokesman of artificial intelligence Dr. prof. William Keller. 

William's ambitious experiment wasn’t to create a super-soldier but to create a more-than-human biobot that would be put to use to save civilians in active war zones to reduce collateral losses the US military was causing when going to war in more and more drone-dominated warfare. The US weapon industry and the military, which financed this experiment's humongous budget, agreed to create a woman biobot rescue soldier. 

gg SLAVE Equipped with an astonishing learning curve and the voice of Dr. Hope’s gorgeous Jazz singer mother, gg starts her musical journey to find her father who went into hiding

Dr. Keller tirelessly worked on programming a rapid learning curve into her much like a human infant in the first year, which is a mixture of imitation and the capacity to grasp complex interrelationships fast. William who was raised by two brilliant musicians believed, along with the visionary German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the key to this learning curve was to be found in music. His team programmed the most beautiful music of Bach, Pachelbel, Beethoven, and Mozart into her artificial brain.

The results of his scientific experiment were breathtaking and Genevieve Godiva biobot 01 was hooked on an artificial umbilical cord for the past 7 months and was scheduled to be taken off the machines in 8 weeks' time on the 4th.of July. 

With the election campaign raging and the popular presidential candidate talking about shutting down such "unethical scientific experiments”. William started to feel uneasy about what lay ahead of them.

The financial flow for his project was starting to become harder and harder to attain and he felt the pulse…… After many sleepless nights, William decided to go rogue if necessary to avoid losing what he held dear again. William liquidated as much of his savings as he could manage without raising suspicion and through his brilliant and beautiful colleague Dr.映月 Ying Yue 江 Lue whom William had a  secret love affair with, he was able to smuggle the premature biobot out of the country on a cargo plane. 

William felt sick in his belly out of fear and anxiety for GenevieveShe wasn’t ready to be taken off the machines just like a premature infant. She would have weak spots for sure that would be IF she would make it at all. Leaving his precious life's work forlorn and cast out on the cold dirty floor broke his heart. William wasn't a particularly religious man; he was much more a rational scientist, but his prayers were all he had left to give her, so he prayed. He prayed that her heart would continue to beat, that her lungs were starting to inhale and exhale, and that all the hundreds of thousands of senses he had so carefully orchestrated into her would protect her, save her and ultimately bring her back to him……