For how many $ are you willing to sell your child? 

Back in the 2nd.World War when Hitler was at a loss of men to send to war, he started sending children, boys aged 11-15 years old (!) to the already lost war front. The German’s called it “Kanonen-futter”(=food for guns ). 

Right now we allow turbo-capitalism to undermine the connection to our children with the outrageous demands economy claims on parents and with the very little support parents get, to be able to spend time and nourish this bond between a mother to a child ( also father to a child at a slightly later stage )

Don’t allow anything to drive a wedge between you and your child. 

Economy has succeeded in attacking the most sacred characteristic of us humans: our sense of belonging. 

To cherish this “sacred bond” will change the world within one generation, as the world has never seen before. 

If we, as parents are brave enough to go against most of everything society tells us right now and take the time to be present with our children they will instinctively learn that life is beautiful. 

They will experience and know empathy. 

They will know how to honor and love themselves and others. 

They will recognize their vocation. 

What a beautiful beautiful world that will be! 

You cannot send a happy person to war ( may it be political or economical) 

No deeply self-loving, empathic person will even be able to cause detriment to others. 

In the late 18th century, the economy started to need a workforce of women. 

At the rise of industrialization, huge factories were built that worked day and night, and that's when the economy started to massively undermine the bond between mother and child. 

Resulting, today in fewer times children are nursed. And earlier and earlier ‘opportunities’ are found to ‘outsource’ these emotionally starving children to daycare/Kindergarten. 

:” every morning way too little Su. Little Su is crying, fiercely holding on to her teddy bear, when mummy says goodbye’ 

Allowing the economy to recruit their future ‘economic slaves’ at the earliest opportunity with these ‘economic orphans’ getting used to being away from anyone and anything they love and having them naturally grow into pounding a 40-hour ‘daycare-work-load’ a week. 

:” with three hearts bleeding, her family is feeding itself to an army of suits, who needs a childhood anyway when you get to have an M-B-A” 

Because of that loss of belonging in the starving hearts of those kids that are used to numb their feelings of ‘emptiness’ with consumer goods and don’t feel any sense of belonging except to their greed, big companies can send those well trained ‘poor rich kids’ anywhere they like in the world just where the goal of profit optimization necessitates:” We are slave to economy, slave to economy never be enough, never be enough you see, I buy your lie you add more and more to me, slave to economy” 

Care for your children 

Spend a lot of time with them 

Cook for them 

Teach them everything you know 

Surround every first step they are about to take with love and the world will be a better place. 

That's my promise to you with a 100% money-back guarantee…:) 

Love, gg